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Sunvote is a leading manufacturer of student clicker/student response systems more than 20 years.

About Sunvote

Founded in 1998,SunVote is a original manufacturer specializing in design, production, sales and service of student response system&interactive response systems for K12 school,college,university,training institution etc. Providing worldwide users with the purchase, SDK, product customization and other personalized services. SunVote classroom response clicker is an important classroom engagement tools and has been consistently optimizing in the past 20 years, can meet the classroom interaction and exmination, quiz gamie, knowledge training etc.SunVote expect to work together with more and more educational users to build interactive classroom, smart classroom,smart campus.

Classroom Response Systems

Why Choose Sunvote Student Response System?

Student clickers provide true data-driven instruction

After students respond to a question by using their student clicker, the teacher is able to see immediately how students answer and wether they understand the teaching content. This provides data to decide whether the teacher can forge ahead with new material, based on student results and/or obvious misconceptions.

Student clickers involve everyone and embarrass no one

Student response clicker allows every student to answer without the fear of humiliation or negative attention. Teaching with classroom response systems creating active learning environments.

Student clickers engage students, making learning fun

Student voting clickers, very similar to a clicker device, is comfortable and fun for students of all ages. Making learning fun and effective for both young and old. Interactive student response systems can keep every student excited and engaged through educational gaming.

Student response systems offer both formative and summative assessment

Questions can be posed through the computer for a daily pop quiz, reviews, surveys, or verbal questioning during lectures.With the self-paced testing mode available in some clickers, students can student clicker remote do assessments at their own speed. Student clicker can replace paper test, which saves time and still allows the software to do the grunt work of grading.

Interactive Response Systems

student clicker examIf work with existed question bank, teacher no need to prepare the teaching content in advance, it can save more time and make them more focus on teaching itself.

student clicker keypadClicker technology in the classroom: Teacher only need to choose a knowledge point, the software will select corresponding question randomly while student can answer these question through our student clicker . The answering result can be collected and analyzed immediately then display through interactive whiteboard. What’s more, teacher can use software function like rush answer,roll call,clicker quiz to increase the classroom interaction.

student clicker keypad programmingIf work with school management system, the result can be saved in cloud platform. Teacher, principle, parents can check the results any time.The result can be analyzed and compared, it is easy to evaluate how well student master the knowledge.

Model of Student Clicker

Voting clickers in the classroom are used for changing passive learning to active learning. It is widely accepted by elementary classroom,elementary school,high school,university and college.

classroom clickers
M30 College Clicker
  • M30 Student Clicker Key Functions
  • Choices within 5 options/Priority Rank/Judge/Rush Answer
  • Single question/multi-questions answered (10 questions)/Random Call
    M30 Student Clicker Key Performance
  • 2.4G RF Technology
  • <50M Reliabel Distance
  • >150Hour Working Hour
  • >80 Classrooms
  • 80 Channels
  • 2*CR2032 Button Battery
    M30 Student Response Clicker Applications
  • Students love learning when they use SunVote Student Response Clicker in interactive classroom and instant class quiz in K12 private and public school, colleges and universities, training institutions.
Student Response Systems
S53 Student Clicker

S53 Classroom Clickers Key Functions
Choice within 10 options/Priority Rank/Numeric/Judge Question
Interactive Vote/Rush Answer/Numeric Score/Instant Result
Synchronized questions/Self-paced questions (99 questions)/Homework (9 Subjects)
S53 Classroom Clickers Key Performance
2.4G RF technology
<30M Reliable Distance
>280Hours Working Time
>80 Classrooms
80 Channels
2*CR2032 Button Battery
S53 Classroom Clickers Applications
Students love learning when they use SunVote Student Engagement Tools in interactive classroom and instant class quiz in K12 private and public school, colleges and universities, training institutions.

Interactive Response Systems
S50Plus Classroom Clickers

S50Plus Student Response Clickers Key Functions
Choice within 10 options/Priority rank/Judge/Numeric/Text
Rush Answer/ Random Call /Numeric Score
Synchronized questions/Self-paced questions(100 questions)/Homework (9 Subjects)
S50Plus Student Response Clickers Key Performance
2.4G RF technology
<30M Reliable Distance
>250Hours Working Hour
Chinese and English Display
80 Channels
2*CR2032 Button Battery
S50Plus Student Response Clickers Applications
Student Response Clickers is suitable for classroom tests and exams in K12 public and private schools, colleges and universities, training institutions.

student clickers classroom

clicker response system

How Do Student Clicker Work?

  • Each student has a student clicker, with which they are able to answer questions posed by the teacher.
  • The teacher poses a question verbally, with a written assessment or through the computer onto a projector or interactive whiteboard, and the students respond with their voting clicker.
  • The answering result will be collected and analyzed by Sunvote classroom response systems software.The result can be exported to different kinds of report which can be reviewed at any time.

Student Response Systems Solutions

Interactive Classroom Solution

What is interactive classroom solution? 

Interactive classroom solutions integrate interactive board, computer with Sunvote student response system into a full interactive classroom .Interactive classroom solutions allow teacher to ask interactive questions and receive real-time responses. From these response clicker, teacher have the power to enrich and shape the learning environment.

What problems does interactive classroom solutions solve?

* Save valuable time. No need to waste time to check student attendance by hand.Check-in function of Student Response System can calculate the attendance rate of each lesson within 3 seconds.
* Get students engaged. The biggest challenges of teacher is keeping students’ attention during lessons. Sunvote Student Response System breaks traditional classroom condition,keep every student excited and engaged through educational gaming.
* Gauge student understanding. The students who raised their hands know the answer doesn’t mean that the rest of the class does. Sunvote Student Response System shows teacher what knowledege the student really understand, and what is still confusing. This real-time data lets teacher adjust their lessons to meet the needs of each class.

Easy Exam Solution

What is easy exam solution? 

Sunvote student response system is alternative solution of traditional exam,every student hold a test paper and using student clicker to answer objective questions,question types include single/multiple choice, numeric response, true/false etc. Student can answer the question as their own speed,the answering results can be collected by Sunvote student response software. After finish exmination, Sunvote interactive response software will  calculate the final score and collect into computer.

What problems does easy exam solutions solve?

* Sunvote student response system enable teachers organize classroom tests and stage exams at any time, helps to improve retention and provide insight into learner understanding.
* Sunvote student response system auto-grade exam papers, help teachers save lots time on paperwork and record-keeping tasks, improve the efficiency of classroom assessment.
* Sunvote student response system help teachers conduct a complete and multi-dimensional student analysis quickly and effectively.

Using interactive response clickers in my classroom, it is more easier for me to concentrate in the class than before. Classroom response systems for students like teaching assistant. Besides, Sunvote team offer student clicker wireless keypad manual and online technical support. Interactive response systems software help us collect the answering result and know the teaching outcome well.
Our company implemented with great success the supply and installation of the SunVote Interactive classroom System for the use even up from 100 participants, included also the classroom response systems software. Sunvote support us classroom response systems purchase,rent and SDK service.
With SunVote Interactive classroom system, all students participate actively during the lecture showing a lot of interest in my class. SunVote interactive classroom clicker is a great tool to engage students and create interesting debates during class.Student response system clickers cost are reasonabel and accepted by all of client, really good job!

Student Response Systems Questions and Answers

Q1 : Does the SunVote classroom response system difficult to operate?

  • A:Not at all! It is a simple plug-in of Microsoft PowerPoint and provide an efficient student response solution that requires no technical knowledge or experience. Plus we provide a brief help manual to guide you through the easy set up process. Telephone or online technical support is also available if you run into any difficulties.

Q2 : What operating system does SunVote student response systems software support?

  • A: SunVote software supports windows XP/ windows 7/ windows 8/windows 10 32/64 bit.

Q3: What Microsoft Office version does SunVote student response systems software support?

  • A: SunVote software supports Microsoft Office 2007/2010/2013 32/64 bit. Please make sure your PC have Office Access、Excel、PowerPoint installed and works fine before installing SunVote software.

Q4: How many years for SunVote warranty? What can I do when out of warranty?

  • A: SunVote all hardware have 2 years warranty when the customer receive the goods. SunVote will maintenance it in its whole life, and will offer update service. SunVote, established in 1998, serve for customers all over the world.

Q5: Can i brand my own product and use our company logo? Can i become your local reseller ?

  • A: Yes, Sunvote support OEM ODM service of student clicker and student response system software. Also we welcome local reseller who with same goal and value to cooperate with us.